Creative on command

I have a thing for pillows. What others have with shoes, I have with pillows (perhaps you have noticed..). I can not have too many pillow cases. Changing accessories is a quick and easy way to change the look and atmosphere of your home.

These gorgeous pillowcases are designed by Nina Valkhoff. Nina is a Dutch designer who, after leaving the Academy of Arts, has started her own company called ‘Creatief op Commando’ (which can be translated as Creative on Command). The gorgeous pillows, all handmade and painted by Nina, can be ordered from her website.

[Update: Nina now also has an English website:]

3 Responses to Creative on command

  1. i really like the dragonfly pillow!

  2. Thanks so much for your post about my pillows! Glad you liked them. Your blog is in my bookmarks now, thanks for inspiring me with the other great topics!
    Best wishes, Nina.

  3. Nina, your designs are gorgeous! I hope this post has brought you some visitors (and customers!) Keep me posted on new designs!

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