Mes Textiles

pillows and throws
MeS Textiles is a Dutch design company by Marlies Spaan. Marlies creates wonderful patch work pillows and plaids which are available in different sizes upon request.
Mes Textiles also carries a collection of furniture. These gorgeous silkscreen printed cupboards are made from birch plywood. For more information you can contact Marlies at [email protected]. Click here to see the rest of the collection.

5 Responses to Mes Textiles

  1. Gorgeous colors I love everything here. 🙂

  2. Hi Danielle

    Just discovered your blog via drees your nest and i really love it. Very interesting and creative finds. I am going to list you on “my morning coffee visits” and i will be back to visit often. k

  3. I am happy to hear that you like my blog. Welcome!

  4. That cupboard on the bottom right is horribly, terribly beautiful. And so happy to see my friends Julie and Kstyle on your blog, too. How did I miss your blog before?

  5. Wellcome Maryam!

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