Crinson’s colourful tiles

Earlier this week Marike’s elegant bathroom designs were featured on the style files. I love the sober colours of these designs. If you prefer more colour in your bathroom, you should definitely check out these tiles from UK designer Dominic Crinson.
Crinson combines the ancient art of ceramic tile decoration with the latest innovation in print technology. Their colourful wall tiles can been used in numerous locations from domestic kitchens & bathrooms to bars, restaurants, swimming pools, hotels, spas and health clubs. Fired to high temperatures, the tiles are hard wearing and can be installed and maintained in the usual way using ordinary grouts and cleaners.
Dominic Crinson: “Through my designs I aim to challenge consumers not to simply follow the latest trend by to allow themselves to have confidence in their own design choices and emotionally connect with their true style. I aim to foster styles that are more relaxed, playful and individual in nature”. Browse the extensive catalogue to see Crinson’s gorgeous tile designs.

6 Responses to Crinson’s colourful tiles

  1. Fabulous tiles. So different from the usual (more subdued) style we see in the States.

  2. I love the big shell! In my new home this would be the style ! allthough I must say the other tiles are also really appealing. Mmm maybe if win the lottery a house with two bathrooms is the solution 😉

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  4. i think that these designs are great they stand out very well. there outstanding!

  5. Erin Verdouw

    My husband and i r building pur first home and we love these tiles. Are they available in Australia?

  6. Would love to know how to order some of these fabulous tiles. Thanks, Liz

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