Vika Mitrichenka

ceramics vika
Originally from Minsk, Vika Mitrichenka arrived in The Netherlands alone, on a tourist visa. Her choice to go to Amsterdam was not a random one. While still at school, Vika was fascinated by Holland’s Golden Age, particularly the realistic paintings of artists such as Johannes Vermeer and Pieter Hoogh. Having exhibited her work at Amsterdam’s Rietveld Academy, she was promptly accepted onto a course. After the Rietveld Academy Vika was admitted at the prestigious Rijksacademie (only 1 in a 100 hundred are admitted).
ceramics vika
Dutch design shop the Frozen Fountain recognised Vika Mitrichenka’s unmistakable talent. They granted her an artistic assignment and asked her to create a tea service – which was then immediately purchased by the Stedelijk Museum.
ceramics vika
The gorgeous tea service (numbered edition) is available from the Frozen Fountain. Costing €3650, it doesn’t come cheap. But Vika’s designs aren’t just pieces of ceramics, they are works of art. You can contact the Frozen Fountain if you are interested in Vika’s work.

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  1. stephanie hong

    I really like Vika Mitrichenka’s works. Can you tell me how to purchase? pricelist? thanks!

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