Gift Ideas for Friends (€ 0 – 50)

gift ideas

First row, from left to right:
• Polli Gold Succulent pendant necklace (€30/$37, at Polli)
• O-Living Zwiebel vase (€25/$36, at Relish)
• Thomas Paul Pavillion silk pillow (€30/$42, at Greenergrassdesign)
• Mirror that tells you how beautiful you are (€49/$60, at POAA)
• Susan Bijl shopping bag (€18/$22, at Susan Bijl)

Second row, from left to right:

• Marcel Wanders birdhouse (€50/$60, at POAA)
• Izola shower curtain (€39/$48, at POAA)
• Tord Boontje candle shade (€39/$48, at POAA)
• Vlaemsch Roedeer (€45/$55, at POAA)
• Simone Walsh leaf pendant on green silk (€32/$46 at Etsy)

Third row, from left to right:

• Bird on Cherry Blossom pillow (€14/$20, at Etsy)
• Polli Gold Streams earrings (€27/$33, at Polli)
• Tord Boontje teacup (€ 19/$23, at POAA)
• Moleskine city note books (€12/$17 at Flight 001)
• Opalescent teacups (€26/$36 at Rare Device)

Fourth row, from left to right:
• Anne Black porcelain earrings (€33/$46, at Greenergrassdesign)
• Ineke Hans bowl with spoon (€15/$18, at Vivid)
• Studio Job tea towel (€15/$18, at Vivid)
• Kathryn Riechert Posey bracelet with text (€26/$36 at SCAD)
• Laptop cover protector (€28/$40 at Relish)

Fifth row, from left to right:
• Charles Kaiser glasses made from recycled glass (€50/$60, at Charles Kaiser)
• Feinedinge cup & saucer with quote (€32/$45, at Peek Keep)
• Leah Nobilette Ceramic textured vase (€32/$45, at Relish)
• Normann cognac glasses (€36/$44, at Scandinavian Design Centre)
• Simone Walsh forget me not earrings (€26/$36 atEtsy)

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