Chairs for Book Lovers

If you are a book lover and you want to keep your books close, then check out these great chairs!
chair books
chair books
Italian design duo Nobody&co made their debut on the Salone del Mobile 2006 in Milan, where they showed this gorgeous chair. The Bibliochaise is an armchair-library that can store up to five meters of your favorite books. You can customize this chair to your own preferences as it is available in different types of wood (and colors). Also the cushions come in a range of colors and fabrics. Check out the Nobody&co website for more information and stockists.
chair books
Designed by Pucci de Rossi, the Dondola is a rocking chair that combines clean lines and curvaceous shapes. The stainless steel structure made of two rounded arms that are linked together with three storing cases. By storing your books under the seat you can alter the balance of the Dondola and set it the way you want. For instance, if you are in the mood to rest and dream around in your living room, then simply move the books to the rear case. Contact gallery Made75 in Paris for more information.

23 Responses to Chairs for Book Lovers

  1. Oh c’mon, these chairs are way too fun…!

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  6. Wat een mooie stoel is het geworden zeg..
    Ik wzou er ook wel graag eentje van willen hebben..
    Ga zo door hoor.

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  10. i love these 🙂 cant wait til i have a place to put one so i can pick one out!

  11. I don’t like the first one very much, but the second one is gorgeous in the shape, and the way the books are held. Makes me want to make something like that of my own.

  12. What perfect accessories at my room!

  13. Hm. It’ll be a bit hard to move the chairs with all the books that are in them.

  14. I really love the Bibliochaise. I live in what I call a hallway. That chair would be so useful. Is it on wheels?

  15. The bibliochaise is wonderful – I bet I still wouldn’t be able to find the one book I was looking for though.
    And the kids would take it over with their junk within seconds of taking it out of its, no doubt, stylish packaging.

  16. Now those are awesome, I would certainly soon have the chairs stuffed with book.

  17. Once again, art defies reality. The cubic chair is not only ugly, it is undoubtedly the most incomfortable looking chair I have ever seen. Why not just curl up on a bookcase shelf?

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  21. Sweet chairs. I want the rocking one!

  22. wow! perfect accessories.

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